IMODIUM® Liquicaps

IMODIUM® Liquicaps are the first and only capsules filled with a calming liquid to effectively relieve your diarrhoea, settling things down to restore your body’s harmony. They are small, soft & flavour-free, designed to be discreet and easy to swallow.

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Everyone is familiar with the occasional bout of diarrhoea, but some people suffer more frequently.


  • Effective diarrhoea relief in a calming liquid capsule
  • Can relieve diarrhoea in under 1 hour
  • Unique format; small, soft & easy to swallow
  • Flavour-free
  • Also suitable for IBS related diarrhoea (age 18 years & over)*

*Following diagnosis by your doctor


For effective relief of diarrhoea; can stop diarrhoea in under 1 hour.


Initial 2 capsules. Then 1 after each episode of diarrhoea.