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Exercise – managing your diarrhoea - IMODIUM<sup>®</sup>


Trapped Wind Relief Exercises - Keep Your Digestive System Working

Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet can reduce tension and stress, increase energy levels and enhance the way our digestive systems work, so even small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a big difference.

Start small, feel the difference

The NHS recommend that in order to stay healthy, adults aged 19-64 should do either at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (Cycling or fast walking) accompanied by strength exercises or 75 minutes of rigorous aerobic activity (running or high intensity sports such as tennis) accompanied by strength exercises every week.

You can incorporate a mix of moderate and vigorous activity each week as well as strength exercises. If you can manage at least 150 minutes of exercise every week, that’s great. Try walking, swimming, jogging or cycling or perhaps choose an exercise class.

If that sounds too daunting, don’t be disheartened. You could try to incorporate other smaller activities into your daily routine.

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator
  • Walk instead of taking the bus
  • Get off the bus one or two stops early and walk the rest of the way
  • Park your car further away from where you need to be and walk
  • Walk the long way to work, perhaps taking in a park
  • Borrow the neighbour’s dog and take it for a walk

Be aware that some forms of high-impact exercise, like running, can exacerbate diarrhoea in some people. If this means you, try doing something a bit gentler like yoga or pilates. With their emphasis on calmness, meditation, deep breathing and stretching, they are one of the more popular exercise choices for IBS and diarrhoea sufferers.

The yoga, pilates and movement expert, Angie Newson, does not endorse any brand.

Exercise & stress

Regular exercise is known to have a positive effect on stress. In our modern world, it’s easy to get anxious or overwhelmed, so it’s good to know there are things you can do to reduce your stress levels. Exercising for only half an hour three times a week can significantly reduce stress and anxiety and lead to better digestive health too.

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