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Common Diarrhoea Questions & Answers

Almost everyone has diarrhoea at some point, but not everyone knows why. With 40 years’ experience in treating diarrhoea, we've acquired a lot of knowledge about the condition - its causes, its symptoms and especially how to manage it.


These are the questions we're most often asked by our customers, along with our answers.

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What are the types of diarrhoea?

There are many reasons why people get diarrhoea, from travelers’ diarrhoea and stomach bugs to IBS. Each one is different but they can all disrupt your life.

How IMODIUM® works

IMODIUM® works in harmony with your body to help restore its natural rhythm.

Give digestion a workout

Exercise can enhance the way our digestive systems work and can even help shake off stress too.

IMODIUM® Original

IMODIUM® Original capsules can stop diarrhoea in one dose.


IMODIUM® IBS Relief helps take control of your medically diagnosed IBS diarrhoea.

IMODIUM® Instants

IMODIUM® Instants dissolve instantly on your tongue, so they’re great for when you’re on the go.

IMODIUM® Dual Action

IMODIUM® Dual Action Tablets not only helps stop diarrhoea, but also soothe painful cramps, bloating and wind.

Where to buy IMODIUM®

Where to buy IMODIUM®

It’s easy to find IMODIUM® in supermarkets, chemists and many other shops. You don't need a prescription, so you can buy it over the counter as well as online.