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Gut2Know, Your Personal Gut Health Partner

Gut2Know™: Your Personal Gut Health Partner

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Gut health is key to overall wellbeing – the gut is made up of 300 to 500 different types of bacteria, each playing an important role in our health. But we know gut issues can be frustrating and it can be hard to know where to start to manage them – that’s where Gut2Know™ comes in. Created by experts and backed by science, Gut2Know™ enables you to track your mood, food and symptoms, boost your gut knowledge and build new habits tailored to your gut needs.

Key features:

Track your Mood, Food & Symptoms

Track your Mood, Food & Symptoms

  • Monitor what you eat and drink in a food diary.
  • Easily track your mood, diarrhoea episodes, and many other gut-related symptoms.
  • Gut2Know™ helps spot patterns based on your data and uncovers your potential triggers.
Boost Your Gut Knowledge

Boost Your Gut Knowledge

  • Immerse yourself in topics curated to boost your knowledge about gut health and diarrhoea, with topics ranging from how digestion works to the brain-gut link.
  • Discover valuable insights to help you make better lifestyle, eating, and stress monitoring decisions
Build New Habits for a Healthier Gut

Build New Habits for a Healthier Gut

  • Set new things to try tailored to your gut health needs.
  • Stay on track with your gut health goals through regular reminders.

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This app is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you experience severe, recurrent, or persistent diarrhoea or have any medical conditions please consult a doctor for further guidance.