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Stress – managing your diarrhoea - IMODIUM<sup>®</sup>


Can Diarrhoea Be Caused By Stress & Anxiety?

The stress and pressure of modern day life can often affect us physically as well as emotionally, upsetting the delicate balance of our digestive systems.

Feeling tense?

Here are just a few day-to-day things that might make you stressed, anxious or nervous:

  • Public speaking
  • Exams & interviews
  • Important social events
  • Personal problems
  • Being overly busy
  • Work issues

How to help deal with stress

We all get stressed now and then. Diarrhoea can be your body’s way of telling you that something might be wrong. But it can of course make life even more difficult for you. So it’s best to deal with the causes of your stress first.

  • Make ‘me’ time. Create time to relax and recharge; take proper lunch breaks at work; read an interesting magazine; listen to some music; run yourself a relaxing bath.
  • Get enough sleep. We all perform better when we’re properly rested.
  • Share your problems. You know what they say about a problem shared. If you let people around you know what you’re going through, you’ll feel better for having talked to someone and they might even be able to help.
  • Exercise. Can be a great way to de-stress and help keep your digestive system healthy. Yoga with its focus on calmness, meditation, deep breathing and stretching, could help relieve stress.
  • Diet. Try to eat a healthy diet, avoid too much alcohol and fatty foods, which can irritate your gut and trigger diarrhoea.
  • Keep your sense of humour. Laughter is a great stress reducer and also boosts the immune system, which is often weakened by stress. Try to see the funny side of life!

If you are struggling with stress, speak to your healthcare provider.

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Where to buy IMODIUM®

Where to buy IMODIUM®

It’s easy to find IMODIUM® in supermarkets, chemists and many other shops. You don't need a prescription, so you can buy it over the counter as well as online.